I am interested in viewing one of your available rental units.  What is the best way to see the home?

You can view our available rental properties in one of two ways.

  1. A majority of our homes feature a self-showing capability.  After you complete a short registration process, an entry code will be texted to you for access at your scheduled time.  You are allowed to view the home at your leisure; simply lock up and replace the key in the lock-box when finished.  On our featured properties page, locate the listing you want to view and click the orange button “Enter Property Yourself”.

  2. If a personal showing is requested, we will schedule an open house and a guided tour of the property can be facilitated with one of our leasing advisors.

Do you guys take pets?

We love pets, but some of our owner’s may not have pet-friendly properties.  If our properties allow for pets, we will certainly highlight that information in the property listing.  Check there first and if you are still unsure, give us a call and we will help figure it out.  If you already live in one of our managed units and you are considering a pet, please check with us first.  Different properties have different rules and they may or may not be allowed.



I need a co-signor. is that okay?

Co-signors are fine.  They have to go through the same application process as any other occupant over the age of 18.

I don’t have the best credit profile. should I apply or is it a waste of time?

We look at the big picture profile for our prospective tenants.  All factors will be taken into account, so we encourage you to apply and if we can make sense of your entire profile, we will do our best to navigate you through the approval process.  The final decision is always with our owners, but we believe in and support a fair and objective approach.



I have seen the home and I am interested in applying to rent. How does the rental application process work?

On our featured properties page, locate the listing you’re interested in applying for and click the “Apply Now” button.  Go through the online prompts, submit the necessary documentation and pay the application fee.  

We must protect our home owners' positions to the best of our ability.  We do not accept outside credit reports and the fee cannot be waived.  We hope you understand.


You approved my application. what'S next?

We will give you instructions on how to make a holding deposit to secure the unit as yours.  From there, we will present the lease documentation to you for review and digital signature.  Once all documents are signed by all parties, you will be instructed to pay all remaining move-in funds and meet at the property on your lease start date for transfer of possession (getting the keys).


How do we pay rent?

The easiest way to pay rent is online, through your tenant portal.  Hook up your bank account and routing numbers and you can seamlessly pay rent on an automatic or manual basis.  We even allow you to pay rent via credit card, however there is a significant fee associated with card transactions.  No fee if you use your banking info.


We have a maintenance issue, what should we do?

  • Standard issue (non-emergency): File a maintenance request through your online tenant portal.  We will be in touch with you on the very next business day.

  • Urgent issue: Call/text (650)346-2006

  • Emergency situations: Call 9-1-1 first, the call/text (650)346-2006


When a tenant moves out, what are their responsibilities?

Proper notice must be given to Present Financial Property Management to initiate the move-out process.  Your lease documentation will provide all details, or simply call our office at 800-943-9371.

Anything that is broken during your stay will be charged back to your tenant ledger and due upon receipt.  Below are some items you as a tenant are responsible for:


  • Plumbing clogs from 2’ below the sink trap & up.

  • Replacement of light bulbs, no matter the ceiling height. (Common-area and garage light bulbs will be replaced at the owner's expense.)

  • Cosmetic damage to appliances.

  • Cosmetic damage to internal furnishings like cabinets, counter tops, walls, ceiling, flooring.

  • Leaving the unit in a professionally clean manner when you move out.  The majority of tenants moving out hire us to clean the unit, so the responsibility is passed onto us.

What's the procedure for renting a new apartment with a roommate?

A rental application and credit-check is necessary for each person moving into the unit, even if that person will not be named on the lease. Security deposits are usually split between the roommates, however those decisions are left to the rental party.


What's the procedure for bringing in a new roommate on a previously rented unit?

All units have different rules and regulations.  Please contact Present Financial Property Management if this situation presents itself.


What fees are required for move-in?

Generally, we ask for a security deposit and the first month's rent. These must be paid in secured funds (Cashier’s Check, Money Order, Cash or through our secure Online Portal) prior to receipt of keys for move-in.


If I move in mid-month, is that when I pay my rent each month?

No. For any move-in that occurs on a day other than the First, we charge pro-rated rent the second month of tenancy in order to bring the Rent Due Date to the first of each month. These terms will be in your lease agreement, and explained to you at lease-signing.


What is the procedure for moving out of my unit?

If your lease is about to end, that does not mean you are required to move, or that we anticipate a move-out. We are always happy to negotiate a lease renewal or extension. However, if you decide to move out, you MUST mail, fax, or email us a written "30 Day Notice" of your intent to vacate. Follow this up with a call to the office to confirm receipt of the notice.

Please Note: If you are not moving out at the exact end of the month, pro-rated rent will be due which MUST be paid at the beginning of the month.


What if it’s only a roommate moving out?

All units have different rules and regulations.  Please contact Present Financial Property Management if this situation presents itself.

Tenant Liability Insurance

Owners of properties in San Francisco or San Mateo county can request a tenant to have renters/liability insurance to cover the unit.  

We can provide a policy to anyone outside of San Francisco County that can be included in your monthly rent for an additional charge of $12.50/mo.  For anyone in San Francisco County a renters/liability policy must have a minimum of $300,000 in coverage, per the San Francisco Apartment Association.